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خصم 91%

Philips AVENT Analogue monitor SCD470/00

قبل الخصم: $600.00
ستوفر: $545.00 (91%)
متوفر بالمخزون

Ensures secure reception in and around the house and minimum interference from any other device.

AC adapter included:
Batteries included:
Channels quantity:

Other features

Maximum operating distance:
150 m
Mine was broken by the delivery service, unfortunately. The Monsters provided a replacement, though.
Funny toy. Nice for playing “spy” games with my kids. Rather robust and suitable for boys. The sound quality is acceptable. The vendor was very nice and added some batteries as a present.
It was a strange birthday present from my friends. Now, we take these pieces when we go fishing. It works better than a cell phone:)