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Philips Magic Theatre SCD940/00

In stock
Soothes and stimulates

Helps your baby gently fall asleep
- Creates a comforting wonderland.

Sounds and images softly fade away
- Soothing pre-recorded sounds of nature.
- Projects gently rotating images on the wall or ceiling.
- Adjust the playing time according to your baby's needs.

Growths with your baby
- Bring bedtime stories to life by drawing your own slides.
- 6 fascinating slides.

Totally safe to play with
- Complies with all relevant toy and safety standards.

Soothing sounds and projecting images
The Magic Theatre creates a comforting wonderland in your baby's bedroom. By producing soothing sounds and projecting images on a ceiling or wall you can help your baby gently fall asleep.

3 soothing sounds
Natural sounds like the sea, a heartbeat and running water are both reassuring and sleep-inducing for your baby. Choose the sound that is most comforting for your baby.

Rotating images
The relaxing movement of the projected images help your child fall asleep while stimulating visual development.
Create your own slides
Add a fun dimension to fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and stimulate your child's creativity by creating your own slides with a waterproof pen and the blanks provided.

Complies with toys standard
The products that comply to the toys standard have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet these norms and are totally safe.
Battery life (max):
4 h
Battery type:
Gentle fade out of light:
Gentle fade out of sound:
Number of batteries supported:
Pre-recorded sounds:
Programmable timers:
10 min

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