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ZyXEL’s new generation of Firewall. The USG series (Unified Security Gateways)deliver advanced UTM features while reducing the total cost of ownership.

-Fully integrated UTM security solution in one device (AV, IDP, CF).
-Reduction in cost of ownership with licences per appliance.
-Increased network stability with device high availability.
-Fast network access with gigabit technology.
-Manageable network speeds with comprehensive bandwidth management.
-Control user specific applications and online content i.e. IM, P2P and Social Networking sites.
-Protect the network with hybrid VPN access solutions - IPSEC, SSL and L2TP.
-Active directory integration allows authorisation and access to specific network areas or departments at user level.
-Easy administration and monitoring with set-up configurator and integrated reporting features.
-Free UK Technical support.
-Free firmware upgrades.

IPSec and SSL VPN in a Single Box
ZyWALL USG 200 is a Unified Security Gateway integrating Firewall and UTM technologies. It provides enterprise class security features tailored specifically for small to medium sized businesses.
With integrated IPSec VPN and SSL VPN, the USG 200 is an ideal solution for any organisation requiring intensive VPN applications across distributed networks.

Whether located at a remote branch office or an unreliable hotspot, the USG 200 can establish secure communication tunnels with IPSec and/or SSL protection.

All user aware access controls, scheduling, bandwidth usage and anti-threat security features can be enforced against inbound and outbound traffic.

Robust Security with Real Time Protection
Integrating cutting edge technologies the ZyWALL USG 200 is able to provide multi-layered security. Powered by Kaspersky Labs, the gateway anti-virus security service has the world's fastest response time against emerging viruses. As a result, it helps to stop threats on the network edge and keeps viruses/malwares out of corporate networks.

Dedicated built in Dual SecuASIC security co-processor means the it can deliver robust and reliable performance even under heavy networking loads.

The IDP feature can detect harmful attacks and take necessary action against malicious or suspicious activities. A signature-based IDP engine can effectively detect protocol or traffic anomalies, support behavior pattern matching and prevent malicious attacks on the application layer.

Application Monitoring
The USG 200 is specifically built to be able to simply manage the use of IM/P2P applications within modern networking environments. Consisting of AppPatrol, a central dashboard for managing various types of IM/P2P applications, security administrators can easily create tailored specific access policies being able to:

-Identifying and restricting different access levels of prevailing IM/P2P protocols,
-Restricting time of access for different groups of users.
-Enforcing bandwidth quota against certain types of P2P application.
-Prioritizing VoIP traffics to ensure best call quality over slow WAN ISP links.

Altogether, it is an ideal solution to solve the dilemma in terms of productivity and security.

User Aware Policy Engine
In addition to basic access control capabilities, the intelligent user aware policy engine on the USG 200 is designed to make packet forwarding decisions based on multiple criteria (such as user ID, user group, time of access and network quota etc).

In addition, security administrators can apply access policies against a variety of security features such as VPN, Content Filter and
Application Patrol.

In conjunction with VLAN and custom security zones, security policies can be enforced to prevent unauthorized access to network resources.

Bandwidth Management
The ZyWALL USG 200 provides bandwidth management features for traffic prioritization to guarantee or restrict bandwidth usage per interface/protocol. Security staff can allocate bandwidth for a variety of applications or computer hosts on the corporate network, regardless of the direction of the connection. For example, it's possible to assign higher priority and larger bandwidth to time-critical applications such as VoIP and video conferencing for quality transmission services.

In addition, ZyWALL USG 200 allows you to keep track of bandwidth usage with comprehensive statistical reports.

VoIP Security
ZyXEL USG 200 is a VoIP friendly firewall, reducing security risks associated with VoIP. Offering the SIP/H.323 ALG feature it dynamically opens only the required ports during VoIP calls; once a call is closed, the opened ports are also closed to prevent port sniffing.

The IDP feature can detect and prevent attacks usually associated with VoIP deployments. Ultimately, by establishing VoIP traffic over VPN's with traffic prioritisation, administrators can minimize security breaches while optimising call quality.

High Availability Features
Incorporating 'High Availability' features, the USG 200 helps security administrators easily set up highly reliable and secure networking infrastructures.

To minimize the impact of single-point failures, the USG 200 supports device HA (High Availability) ensuring network availability should any device fail.

In regard to WAN the USG 200 can connect multiple ISP links to ensure Internet availability in cases where a single ISP connection becomes unreliable. A multiple WAN load-balancing feature optimises bandwidth usage over each ISP connection.
-ICSA Firewall, -ICSA IPSec VPN.
Concurrent connections:

Data transmission

Firewall throughput:
150 Mbit/s
VPN throughput:
75 Mbit/s


Internal memory:
256 MB


Number of users:
25 user(s)
VPN tunnels quantity:

Operational conditions

Operating relative humidity (H-H):
5 - 90%

Other features

Authentication method:
Connectivity technology:
I/O ports:
7x RJ-45, 1x RS-232 (DB9F), 1x RS-232 (DB9M), 1x CS, 2x USB
Power requirements:
100 - 240 VAC, 1.2A, 50/60 Hz


Management protocols:


Content filtering:
VPN support:
AES, 3DES, DES, SHA-1, MD5, IKE, DH 1, 2, 5, NAT, PKI (X.509), CMP, SCEP, L2TP


Flash memory:
256 MB

Weight & dimensions

Dimensions (WxDxH):
242 x 175 x 35.5 mm
1.2 kg