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Duracell Voyager

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Duracell Voyager. Flashlight type: Hand. Battery type: AA. Weight: 220g
Batteries included:
Battery type:
Flashlight type:
Number of batteries supported:

Weight & dimensions

The flashlight seems to be rather a cheap Chinese-made toy. Mine was broken after I dropped it down from my porch. Very disappointing.
I ordered this flashlight a few months ago. Now I can surely say that Acme Corp sells high-quality goods for travelers. I took it to Egypt, India, and Peru, and the battery is still alive!Incredible!
I bought this flashlight for camping and short hikes in the forest. Very often I have to work there alone in the dark. Sometimes you do not even know what’s out there, so it is always great to have a flashlight at hand. It is quite sturdy and the battery life is acceptable.
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